Anonymous: Pics of Greece and ITaly pleeeasee!

sure x

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Odeonsplatz, Munich, Germany (submitted by foreignerongermansoil)

Copenhagen, Denmark

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France

Tintern, Wales (submitted by billbezy)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Styria, Austria (submitted by fu-tu-re)

Stockholm, Sweden


I must apologise, in that I over-estimated how much time I would have whilst I’m abroad and do not have to time to organise a second exchange for those that did not receive their holiday cards.

I am so sorry, and I hope the people who didn’t send their card when they promised me they would understand that they have disappointed their intended receiver(s). 

I hope this year’s holiday exchange (coming this December, stay tuned haha) fares much better, though 2013 was a HUGE improvement from last year’s!

Thank you to all who participated and followed through with their promises and made people very happy during the holiday season!

xx FTE

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Prague, Czech Republic


Just a tad late on the posting of this, but I received a Christmas card from the Czech Republic! Thanks Zuzana (suzeeville) :) Definitely made my day!

St. Hanshaugen, Oslo, Norway

Look what I’ve got from Vanessa, Switzerland! It arrived yesterday and made my whole day!! ♡♡ Bonne année et bonne santé  ♡♡

Paris, France